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Agency Assistance

Sussex County

Casa San Francisco
127 Broad St.
Milton DE 19968
Phone: 684-8694
Catholic Charities
406 S. Bedford St, Ste 9
Georgetown DE 19947
Phone: 856-6310
First State Community Action
308 N. Railroad Ave.
Georgetown DE 19947
Phone: 856-7761
Salvation Army
601 N Dual Hwy.
Seaford DE 19973
Phone: 628-2020

Salvation Army
110 S. Bedford St.
Georgetown DE 19947
Phone: 856-7145

State Service Centers
Bridgeville 337-8261
Georgetown 856-5574
Laurel 875-6943
Seaford 628-2000
Frankford 732-9501

Kent County

Catholic Charities
1155 W. Walker Rd.
Dover DE 19904
Phone: 674-1782
Salvation Army
611 Forest St.
Dover DE 19904
Phone: 678-9551
State Service Centers
Dover 857-5002
Milford 424-7230
Smyrna 514-4500


What Happens If I Can't Pay My Bill?



Membership Fee

A membership fee, which is refundable at the time of termination in good standing with the Cooperative, may be required. The amount is set by the Membership voting in a regular meeting of the Members. Information of the current fee is readily available at the Cooperative’s office. Should the membership be terminated with money due the Cooperative by the Member, the membership fee will be credited against the amount due the Cooperative.

Transfer Fee

If in requesting an approved transfer, the Member provides an accurate meter reading at the time of the transfer and no visit to the site is required by the Cooperative, a nonrefundable twelve dollar ($12.00) transfer fee will be charged.

Reconnect Fees

A non-refundable connection fee of thirty-four dollars ($34.00) is required for all existing services connected to the system. Temporary construction service fees include the connection fee for both temporary and permanent service. New Services without temporary service will be required to pay the thirtyfour dollar ($34.00) fee. If a Member requests disconnection of a service and within six (6) months, requests restoration of service to the same location, a nonrefundable restoration of service fee of forty ($40.00) dollars will be charged. If any delinquent amount is owed to the Cooperative, this amount, the restoration of service fee and any required deposit must be paid before service will be restored.

Meter Reading Fee

If a Member does not provide an accurate meter reading at the time of the transfer and/or a visit to the site is required, a nonrefundable meter reading charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be charged in addition to the regular transfer fee.

Collection Fee

When a Cooperative employee visits the property to disconnect service for failure to pay, the Member if available will be given the opportunity to make payment rather than be disconnected. If the Member elects to pay, a thirty dollar ($30.00) Collection Charge will be assessed. This charge will apply for any collections visit to the property that does not result in disconnection.

Service Restoration Fees

A restoration of service charge will be paid by the Member in order to restore service disconnected for nonpayment. Mon - Fri 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. $40.00 HOLIDAY EXCLUDED Mon - Fri 8:01 P.M. – 12.00P.M. $96.00 HOLIDAY EXCLUDED EMERGENCY RESTORATION AT TIMES OTHER THAN HOURS LISTED ABOVE IS $172.00. THIS MEAN HOLIDAY WEEKEND RESTORATION WILL REQUIRE A HIGHER FEE.

Insufficient Fund Fees

Checks and Electronic transfers received as payment of bills rendered or services of the Cooperative which are returned to the Cooperative unpaid by the Member's bank and authorized attempts by the Cooperative to draft members accounts with insufficient funds, will result in an additional charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per check, bank draft or credit card draft attempt per occurrence.