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Thank you for your interest in the Delaware Electric Cooperative’s Renewable Resource Program.  Applications will be accepted for the 2014 Renewable Resource Program in January.  The 2014 Program will launch at 8:00 am on Monday, January 13, 2014 and applications will be accepted until Close of Business (4:30 pm), Friday, January 17, 2014.  The State of Delaware and the Delaware Electric Cooperative are unable to accept a queue of requests for 2014 funding at this time and will only accept applications for the 2014 program during the above listed dates and times. 

Please note that applications for PV and Wind will be first-come, first served for already installed systems.  For Geothermal systems, the date of the DNREC well permit for the geothermal system will be used as part of the ranking process for the applications.  Please be sure a copy of the well permit and the conditions pages are included with your application documents for systems that require a well permit. 

If applications were previously submitted to our office, please be advised that these documents were not kept for future submittals.  All current required application documents must be re-submitted to be reviewed and considered for funding in the 2014 Renewable Resource Program. 

Announcements about future programs and funding opportunities, including the 2014 Renewable Resource Program, will be made on the Delaware Green Energy Program website at  and the Delaware Electric Cooperative website at .  Program guidelines have been posted on the websites. 

It is encouraged that applications be submitted electronically to the DNREC Green Energy Program Email:  so that there is an electronic record of the documents submitted to our office and the applicant will retain their original documents for future reference if needed.  Applications can also be mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered.  Please be sure to retain a copy of all application documents provided to our office for your records and for future reference should program staff need to contact you during the application review process.     

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Green Energy Program Team at 302-735-3480. 

Grant Applications:

Renewable Resource Fund ProgramSolar Water HeatingWind Application
Geothermal ApplicationPhotovoltaic ApplicationState-Matching Irrigation Grant Application
Co-op Irrigation Grant Program Water Heater ApplicationPoultry LED Grant

Interconnection Applications

Technical Requirements For Member Owned GenerationInterconnection Application > 25KW 
Interconnection Application <= 25KWAggregated Meters <= 25KW

Aggregated Meters > 25KW


Capital Credits

When you moved into Delaware Electric Cooperative's service territory, you automatically became a member of the Cooperative. A cooperative is owned by those who use its product or service. Because electricity is delivered to your home by Delaware Electric Cooperative, you are a member-owner. Like any business that has a good year, Delaware Electric Cooperative earns margins or profits. However, that is where the similarity with other business models ends. While profits or margins for other companies go primarily to stockholders who may or may not be customers, Delaware Electric Cooperative margins belong exclusively to you our member-owners. All returns of margins, commonly called Capital Credits, are approved by the Cooperativeís member-elected Board of Directors, ensuring local accountability for the process. Capital Credits are unique to the cooperative business model and an added value for our customers. We're pleased to provide you with quality electric service and a share of the profits.

Unclaimed Capital Credit Refunds

Capital Credits refund checks are mailed to former members at their last address on file with Delaware Electric Cooperative. And with every mailing, the U.S. Postal Service returns some of those checks as undeliverable. The following is a list of the names we have lost touch with and may be entitled to receive capital credits. Names on this list can claim their capital-credit refund by contacting our office at (302) 349-9090 in Sussex County or (302) 398-9090 in Kent County or by contacting us by email. 

Click on the first letter of your last name to see if you have an unclaimed capital credit refund.