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What is Load Management?

Load management is our silent partner in holding down the cost of electricity. You can $witch and $ave with residential load management. Load management is one way to control the amount of electricity being used in your home during peak periods. When periods of peak demand occur, your Cooperative automatically signals your water heater and central air conditioning/heatpump cooling unit to reduce consumption. Load management participants are seldom inconvenienced by the switch.

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Q: How do I qualify?

A: If you have an electric hot water heater that is 30 gallons or larger and your monthly kilowatt-hour usage is 500 or more, you qualify. We can also install a load management switch on your central air conditioning/heat pump cooling unit along with your hot water heater.

Q: How does the load management switch work?

A: When activated by DEC, the switch cycles off the power to the water heater and/or the central air conditioner/heat pump cooling unit by a signal which is transmitted through the electric lines.

Q: When do peak loads occur?

A: A peak load occurs when our members use many electrical appliances at the same time. Typically, peak times occur on hot summer afternoons and cold winter mornings but could occur at any time.

Q: How often and for how long will I be under load management?

A: We operate load management 4 to 6 times a month for 2 hour periods. Electric water heaters may be cycled off 52 minutes an hour during the control period and central air conditioner/heat pump cooling units may be cycled off 15 minutes each half-hour during the control period.

Q: Will I still have hot water?

A: Yes! Electric hot water heaters only “run” a few hours a day. The water stays hot in the insulated tank until needed.

Q: Will the installation of a load management switch save me money?

A: Yes! You can save up to $32 a year. You will receive a $2 monthly billing credit (January – December) for a water heater switch and a $2 monthly billing credit (June – September) when your central air conditioner/heat pump cooling unit is also controlled.

Q: When did the DEC load management program begin?

A: Our program began in 1988 and we presently have more than 20,000 switches controlling 24,000 water heaters and air units.

Q: What does it cost me to have a switch installed?

A: There is NO CHARGE.

Q: How can I participate in the $witch and $ave program?

A: There are 2 ways:

  • Sign up Below
  • Contact us at 855-DEC-9090
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