Capital Credits

Co-op Membership Pays

Did you know you actually own Delaware Electric Cooperative? As a member-owner, you are entitled to margins, also known as the Co-op’s profits. These are called capital credits and are returned to you in the form of a check or a billing credit. In 2015, we returned more than $4 million to folks who were Co-op members in 1997 and 1998. Sometimes it takes 20 years for capital credits for a given year to be returned to members. That’s because the Co-op uses that money to improve electrical infrastructure. When capital credits are returned to members, you are seeing the return on your investment. This is one of the benefits of being served by a non-profit utility! Sometimes, members move away and we can no longer reach them. They are still entitled to capital credits. The listing for members who are owed capital credits is below. If you see your name on the list, please call us at 855-332-9090. 

Owed Capital Credits A-F

Owed Capital Credits G-L

Owed Capital Credits M-R

Owed Capital Credits S-Z