Get Outdoors: Spring Gardening Tips

The winter blues are nearly over and for avid gardeners that means it’s time to get dirty! While it’s not quite warm enough to plant most annuals, there is still work to be done in early spring. First, survey your lawn and garden. Winter can take a toll on trees and bushes—be sure to trim or remove dead, damaged or broken branches. Cut down last year’s perennial foliage and remove old mulch from flower beds. This is also a great time to check fences and sidewalks for damage caused by the cold.

By this time of the year, your mower has probably been sitting in the garage for four months and may need some TLC. Change the oil (yes, your mower needs an oil change, just like your car), sharpen your blades and make sure the battery is ready for a long season of mowing. Finally, March and April are a great time to apply compost or manure to your garden. Just be sure to work up your garden really well and to remove weeds.