CrossFit Unlocked

Ten years ago, the exercise training known as CrossFit was nowhere on Jeff Peet’s radar. But after a few sessions, he was hooked. Since 2013, Peet and Brian DeLeon have co-owned and operated gym affiliate, CrossFit Unlocked, in Georgetown. Delaware Living sat down with Peet to find out more about this popular workout program, and how Unlocked differs from the regular gym membership experience.

Q: What is CrossFit?
JP: CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. We focus on functional movements — squats, deadlifts, picking things up off the floor, presses, putting things up on a shelf — things that mimic real-life movements that will strengthen us for our everyday lives. 

Q: What are the most important things to know for someone interested in starting a CrossFit workout?
JP: The first thing I would say is you don’t have to be in shape to start. Everybody says, “Oh, I’ll start when I get in shape.” No, we do CrossFit in order to get in better shape. Anyone can start at any time. We’re all here for the same purpose. We’re here to sweat together and have a good time together.

Q: What does someone get out of CrossFit that they might not get from a regular gym membership? 
JP: My first, number-one favorite part of CrossFit is the community. We have 80 to 90 members at any given time, and we’re not only working out together. We’re hanging out on the weekends. So you have a lot of support. If we have someone who hasn’t been here in a few days, we’ll call them and ask where they’ve been and tell them to get their butt to the gym. So, here you get that camaraderie as well.

Q: What does that “team” aspect bring to your workout?
JP: It pushes me. Every day I come in and I look at their times or how many rounds they got, and I use that to motivate me to work harder. These are people who I want to compete with. So I look at that and I say, “Okay, so that’s where I need to be.” So, it pushes you a little bit more. We’re competitive people by nature, so we pick somebody or a couple people to really make us push a little extra hard. 

Q: How has being a trainer impacted you?
JP: It’s been amazing. It’s held me more accountable. Before I was only concerned with myself and my well-being. Now I’ve got to worry about my athletes as well, and I’ve got to set a good example for my athletes. They know I’ll be the first one to say, “Hey, I ate a doughnut,” but I have to keep it to one and not go crazy. I set a really good example for my athletes, and show them there are ebbs and flows in fitness, and we’re all at different points, but we all have the same goal.     

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CrossFit Unlocked
CrossFit Unlocked is located in Georgetown, Delaware.
Peet said the community surrounding CrossFit is one of his favorite aspects of the workout program.
CrossFit focuses on movements that mimic everyday motions