DEC is Proud to Offer Discounted LED Bulbs to Members!

Delaware Electric Cooperative has partnered with Cree Inc., a leading LED manufacturer, and online retailer, to offer member-owners exclusive deals on energy efficient bulbs.

Cree LEDs have 25,000 hours (22 years) of lifetime. They are “instant on,” dimmable and are environmentally friendly. Please take advantage quickly to enjoy savings today. This is another advantage of Co-op membership!

To benefit from this offer, you can simply sign into your online Co-op SmartHub account and click on “LED Discount Program” on the left side of the page. Or, log onto our App, DEC Connect, and click on the light bulbs. You can sign up for a Smarthub account or download our app by searching for “DEC Connect” in the app store on your mobile device!

The newest Cree® LED bulb still looks and lights just like a traditional incandescent, but it’s even better than before. Unlike many cheap LED bulbs, the new Cree LED bulb is ENERGY STAR® qualified for superior LED performance. It also delivers true omnidirectional, all-around light, is fully dimmable with no buzz or hum, and lasts up to 5x longer than some cheap look-alikes (25,000 hour / 22.8 year rated lifetime).

The newest Cree LED bulb features higher color rendering index light for better colors—so you can experience beautiful light and colors anywhere in your home. And the new Cree LED bulb is a worry-free choice backed by a 10 year, 100% performance satisfaction guarantee.

You Deserve Better Light!