Nominate a Local Hero

Karli Swope

Delaware Electric Cooperative, in partnership with Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, is pleased to announce the annual #WhoPowersYou Contest, honoring local heroes. It’s a chance for DEC members and employees to nominate someone who’s making a difference in our community, and an opportunity to celebrate the power of human connections. In addition to being nationally recognized, nominees can win up to $5,000 for the cause they champion.

To nominate a local hero in our community, members can go to and submit their nominee’s name, photo and a brief description of how they make a difference in our community. Nominations open on Sept. 8 and must be submitted by midnight on Oct. 9. Only members of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, including those served by Delaware Electric Cooperative, are eligible to be nominated.

Winners will be announced in December. An independent panel of judges will select winners based upon the positive impact they make on their community and the creativity of the entry. Three incredible Delaware Electric Cooperative members have been named previous winners of the #WhoPowersYou contest! In 2016, Karli Swope was honored for her work as one of the founders of the Grass Roots Rescue Society in Rehoboth. Since the group’s founding in 2013, Karli and her team of volunteers have rescued and found homes for hundreds of animals.

In 2017, Co-op members Chase Marvil and Mary Rio were named winners of the contest. Mary was honored for founding Clothing Our Kids, a nonprofit based in Sussex County that has provided clothing to thousands of children in need. Chase was honored for his work with the Inspiring Project, a global organization he founded to help end the stigma associated with bullying and suicide. Chase and his uplifting messages have inspired nearly 100,000 people around the world.