Smart Holiday Cooking

Smart Cooking

Here are some simple steps to save money this holiday season in the kitchen!


1.Cut baking temperatures by 25 degrees with a ceramic or glass pan. These pans retain heat better than metal.


2. Use the oven wisely by cooking in large batches, and fit pans into all available oven space. Keep the door closed. Each time you peek into the oven you let out hot air, causing the oven to work overtime to bring the temperature back up. Get to know how long it takes to preheat your oven and make sure you’re ready to start cooking right away.


3. Insert a stainless steel skewer through meat or baked potatoes to speed the cooking process, or cut food into smaller pieces to shorten cooking time.


4. Have a convection option on your stove? It helps reduce cooking time and temperature. Turn your electric oven off ten minutes before the end of the cooking time; it maintains the temperature that long.