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Member Choice Overview

All members of Delaware Electric Cooperative have the option to choose their electricity supplier. Currently, no suppliers have registered with the Co-op to provide energy to members. Members should thoroughly review the information on this page and ensure a supplier is registered with Delaware Electric Cooperative and licensed by the Delaware Public Service Commission before signing up for service. Twenty years ago, Delaware lawmakers approved electric retail choice giving customers the option to choose their energy provider. The goal was to give consumers the option to shop for the lowest rates. Members do not have to choose another supplier. Members who do not enroll in member choice will continue to pay the Co-op for the power they use under rates approved by our board of directors – this is called Standard Offer Service or SOS. Delaware Electric Cooperative will also continue to deliver electricity to all members, regardless of who they pick as their energy supplier. Below are some commonly asked questions about member choice.

Member Choice Q&A

A: It can, but you’ll want to compare DEC’s rates with a supplier’s rates before you sign any agreement. A supplier should provide you with a price to compare. DEC's general price to compare is listed in the chart below. That price to compare is based on a member using 1,000 kWh of energy per month per year. Your individual price to compare will be different depending on your rate class and your usage history. For a specific price to compare , please give us a call at 855-332-9090. To determine if you’ll save money with a new supplier, subtract a supplier’s price to compare from DEC’s price to compare and then multiply by your average monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) use. 

Price to Compare 4/1/2024 
Rate 1,000 kW 
Residential 9.56 cents per kWh 


A: While a supplier’s price to compare may be cheaper than the Co-op’s, by choosing a supplier other than DEC, you will accrue fewer capital credits. DEC is member-owned and our consumers receive any margins or profits, which are returned to those we serve in the form of capital credits. Over the past six years, we’ve returned tens of millions of dollars to members. A member’s capital credits allocation is largely based on energy use. If members are purchasing their energy from another supplier, their future capital credits checks or billing credits from DEC will be significantly less.

A: Yes, you will remain a DEC member and the Co-op will still deliver power to your home. You will also still report power outages to the Co-op and our crews will respond to address any issues.

A: Yes, you will still pay Delaware Electric Cooperative for the delivery costs associated with getting electricity to your home. Those charges cover things like the cost of poles, wires and electric meters needed to provide service. You’ll pay a third-party supplier for the energy you use – this will be a separate bill that does not come from the Co-op, however, third-party suppliers are not authorized to disconnect your service for non-payment. You can and will  be eligible for disconnection if you do not pay your DEC bill.

A: All third-party suppliers must first certify with the Delaware Public Service Commission. However, no suppliers have registered with the Cooperative to serve its members. 

A: You will sign up for service directly with the supplier. Once you sign up, they will coordinate directly with DEC to ensure our member database and billing information is updated. To cancel service, you will have to contact the supplier as well. 

1. Review the list of suppliers listed above. When you call or visit their website, it is important that you get answers to the following questions. 
What is the price per kilowatt-hour of electricity? 
Do you charge additional fees that are not included in the kilowatt-hour price? 
How do I enroll and what information do you need from me? 
What happens if I cancel my service? Is there a cancellation fee? 
How long will my contract be in effect and what happens when the contract term is over? 
Are there limits to how much energy I can use? 
2. Compare the Supplier's Price to the Co-op’s. To determine if you’ll save money with a new supplier, subtract a supplier’s price to compare from DEC’s price to compare and then multiply by your average monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) use. 
3. Make Your Decision. 
If you decide to choose a supplier other than DEC, you will sign up directly on their website or by calling them and they will coordinate with the Co-op to ensure a smooth transition.  

Members on load control rates and those participating in Co-op programs like Beat the Peak with Nest, Beat the Peak with Electric Vehicles, Switch and Save and other energy-saving programs may not be able to receive service from another supplier while participating in these programs. If you are only participating in Beat the Peak, you are eligible to switch. Please give us a call to determine your eligibility to participate in member choice at 855-332-9090.

A: The Delaware Public Service Commission has established a website to educate Delawareans about the process of choosing a supplier. Included on the website is a checklist for members to review before signing an agreement with a new supplier. Visit the site.

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