Greg Starheim


Greg Starheim is the President and CEO of Delaware Electric Cooperative located in Greenwood, Delaware. Greg has been the CEO of two distribution cooperatives and is a former executive with the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) and General Electric. His utility experience covers more than 37 years.

Board of Directors

Agenda & Minutes

Delaware Electric Cooperative's board of directors is elected by the Co-op membership at DEC's annual meeting each year between May and October. The board is the governing body of the Co-op, representing our member's interests. They hire and evaluate the performance of the Co-op's CEO, vote on rate changes and perform other important tasks related to governance. The most recent board minutes and agenda are listed below. Members who wish to address our board may contact Monika Lowe at 302-349-3724. Members can send questions to our board by emailing