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Call Miss Utility of Delmarva Before You Dig and MISS the Utility!

Delaware law requires members to contact Miss Utility of Delmarva before they begin any digging project. Power and other utility lines are everywhere. Coming into contact with utility lines can cause serious injury and even death. You can reach the Miss Utility of Delmarva call center in several ways. The easiest is via the internet at anytime, otherwise, you can call 800-282-8555 or the easy to remember 811.  After you contact Miss Utility, a Co-op employee will survey your yard to locate underground power lines, allowing you to dig worry free. Best of all, the service is FREE!

If you begin digging without contacting Miss Utility of Delmarva, you are putting your life and others in danger. Homeowners and professional excavators should contact the call center before starting even small projects, like planting a tree or installing a patio. Homeowners who damage utilities lines without having them surveyed can also face steep fines.



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