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Start Service

If you are building a new home, please call our new service department at 302-349-9090 ext. 258 to begin the process of starting service, or learn more about the process HERE. 

Transfer Service

Please call DEC at 855-332-9090. To transfer service into your name, please have your meter number - the number can be found on the electric meter that serves your home or business. The meter number is especially important if your home is a townhome or condo, and the meter is not attached to the structure. It is also helpful to have the 911 address of the property and, if you are in a development, the name of the development and lot number.

Transfer of Service Fees

When you are buying or renting a home or residence that is currently served by DEC, we will simply transfer the service.

  • $12.00 transfer fee
  • $34.00 reconnection fee if electricity is turned off at the property
  • $25.00 membership fee if not already an existing member
  • Deposit: $0-$250 depending on credit history. We will run a soft credit inquiry to determine if a deposit is required.


The size of your deposit is determined by your credit history and is required to protect our members from those who leave our lines without paying their final balance. Your deposit will be credited to your account after 12 consecutive months of paying your bill with no late payments.

Beat the Peak

Join DEC and save by cutting back on electric usage during peak hours. This program has saved members millions!
Start Service

Start or Transfer Service

We are committed to providing safe, reliable and competitively priced energy services.

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