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Home Energy Assessment

During your home’s energy assessment, the contractor or energy advisor will provide and install up to $250 worth of energy-saving measures in your home at no additional cost! These measures include the following:

  • Energy-efficient light bulbs, with options for dimmable, candelabra, and globe
  • Faucet aerators
  • Efficient-flow fixed showerheads
  • Water heater pipe insulation (installed on hot and cold pipes for four feet from the water heater, as accessible)

Members who participate will also receive significant discounts if they decide to make improvements to make their home more energy-efficient. These affordable home audits are available to members through Energize Delaware’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. After signing up for the program, an energy expert will examine your home and offer suggestions to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and safety. Rather than focus on a single problem—such as an inefficient heating and cooling system or drafty windows—the program looks at how home improvements throughout your home can work together to make your entire space more comfortable and energy-efficient and save you money. After your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® assessment is complete, your program-approved contractor will recommend a variety of energy efficiency improvements for your home that may qualify for significant rebates. Rebates could apply for a contractor to seal air leaks, add insulation, seal and insulate ductwork, improve heating and cooling systems and other energy-saving upgrades.

Home Energy Assessment Benefits 

Here are some of the benefits of taking part in a Home Performance Energy Assessment and making suggested changes to your home!

1. Significant rebates to offset upgrade costs.

2. Typical utility cost savings of 20% or more.

3. Fewer drafts and more comfortable rooms.

4. Comprehensive work performed by specially trained contractors.

5. A healthier, safer, high quality home.

6. Decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

7. Enjoy improved comfort, increased energy efficiency and lower monthly energy costs after your home energy assessment and completion of the recommended home upgrades.

8. The Energize Delaware Home Energy Efficiency Loan Program may be able to minimize your out-of-pocket costs for energy efficiency improvements.


Receive Home Energy Audit

Did You Know? Delaware Electric Cooperative members can now receive a home energy audit for just $50!

Receive Home Energy Audit

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