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Over the past several months our Co-op has been working through a comprehensive rate restructuring plan with a goal of ensuring the cost of providing reliable electricity to hundreds of thousands of Delawareans is shared equitably among those we serve. The details of the plan are being finalized and will be announced in February. We do expect rates to decrease slightly for most members, which we hope will come as good news, considering the dramatic increase in the cost for just about everything over the past two years. Over the past decade, DEC electric rates have been among the lowest in the region. As the other utilities serving Delmarva have recently announced significant rate increases, we are working to keep our costs under control, while continuing to offer excellent reliability. As a not-for-profit member-owned utility, we strive to make decisions that are in the best interest of those we serve. Our member-elected board of directors will vote on the proposals at a public hearing in March. Complete details about the rate changes and public meeting will be included in our February member newsletter and on our website,

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