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Dorey Substation is located on Zoar Road near Georgetown.

As Sussex County continues to grow, DEC is excited to announce the completion of its Dorey Substation. Located on Zoar Road near Georgetown, the Co-op’s newest substation will replace the longstanding Zoar Switching Station to provide improved reliability to members in the area. The project will reduce strain on our power lines and equipment and enhance DEC’s ability to remotely restore power through automated devices in the field. Dorey Substation was developed in partnership with Delmarva Power out of necessity to meet the needs of rising electrical demands. Now, in the final stages of construction, manager of substations and system protection Tony Rutherford says Dorey Substation is set to be energized this month. “We’re at the point now where we’re making all final connections,” Rutherford says. “We are doing testing on breakers,  the relays, and the transformer manufacturer will be out to do a final inspection and make some wiring changes for us. This is a project that will ensure DEC is able to continue to provide reliable service to our growing member base in Sussex County.” 

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