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Stay warm with these energy-saving tips!

It is officially fall, which means goodbye to warm summer breezes and hello to cool autumn days. As temperatures start to drop, DEC has you covered with some tips to help keep your home as energy efficient as possible. Not only does an energy efficient home keep your electrical equipment and appliances running efficiently, but it can also help keep your electric bill affordable. By following the tips below, the Co-op hopes members can save electricity and money. A simple way to start is to use the sun to help warm your home. By opening the curtains on windows facing south, you can heat your house with sunlight, and maintain that heat by closing the curtains at night. Another easy way to keep your home warm while also conserving energy is to monitor your thermostat. When you’re away from home, turn your thermostat down a few degrees, and when you return, keep it as low as you can comfortably stand. Ensuring windows and doors are properly caulked and sealed also provides a defense against cool air, keeping your heat in and lowering your electric bill. In addition to this, having your home professionally weatherized can save you even more in terms of energy and money. With the help of a weatherization professional, you can identify your home’s efficiency problem spots to see where improvements can be made to make sure you aren’t wasting electricity. DEC, in partnership with Energize Delaware, offers affordable energy audits to members. Learn more at After weatherization, you may want to consider updating your insulation. Properly insulating your home keeps heat in when it’s cold, making it easier for your HVAC system to operate smoothly. Maintaining your HVAC system is another integral step in energy efficiency.  Scheduling regular maintenance, as well as staying up to date on changing furnace and/or heat pump filters, alleviates strain on your system, ensuring everything runs correctly. For members with fireplaces, it is important to remember to close the damper when the fireplace is not in use. If left open, warm air can escape through the chimney. While fall is the best time for bonfires, hot apple cider and watching the changing of the leaves, it can also be a time of stress if your home isn’t adequately prepared. As colder weather approaches, Delaware Electric Cooperative hopes these tips help our members stay warm, save electric and save money this season. 

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