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Planting too close to electrical equipment can be a safety hazard to DEC employees.

At DEC, we love a well-landscaped yard as much as the next person. It’s always interesting to drive by and see the types of flowers, plants and shrubs people use to decorate their lawns. But while they may be eye-catching, when placed too close to the Co-op’s electrical equipment, they can become an obstacle — and even a hazard — for Co-op employees. That’s why DEC is reminding members to be mindful about where they are planting trees and shrubs. If you plan on doing any planting or landscaping, make sure to leave more than ten feet (10’) of space in front of any electrical equipment, and more than five feet (5’) of space on either side. Anything within that range violates the terms and conditions of DEC service, and can present serious safety hazards for crews trying to perform necessary utility work. We ask members to please remove vegetation that is too close to our electrical equipment, and remind you that before you dig, please call 811 to ensure your safety when working in your yard. Please help keep our DEC team safe as they work to keep your lights on! 

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