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In last month’s newsletter, we announced our 2023 board elections. In July, we’ll announce the slate of candidates running to represent your interests on our board.  Delaware Electric Cooperative’s board of directors is elected by the Co-op membership and elections take place every summer. During years when there are contested elections, members are able to vote for director candidates online, through the mail and in person at our annual meeting in August. Members are allowed to vote in various ways to make it as easy as possible for them to have a say in the governance of their Cooperative. The board is the governing body of the Co-op, representing our members’ interests. They hire and evaluate the performance of the Co-op’s CEO, vote on rate changes, and perform other important tasks related to governance. If there are contested board elections this year or bylaw changes, members will be able to vote electronically or by mail starting on July 10. Members with email addresses on file will be sent an email with voting credentials and instructions, and those without an email address will be mailed their voting credentials. Members will also be able to request a paper ballot that can be mailed to our election administrator. Finally, members will be able to vote in person at our annual meeting on Tuesday, August 15. We’ll provide detailed voting and candidate information in the July newsletter, at and through our social media pages.


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