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Third Party Suppliers

This site has been created to assist third party suppliers with the necessary information to become a certified supplier in the Delaware Electric Cooperative service territory. In general, DEC serves the rural areas of both Kent and Sussex counties of Delaware. Competitive electricity suppliers that would like information about registering to serve Delaware Electric Cooperative consumers should contact [email protected]

For additional information on Member Choice please contact the following organizations.

PJM Interconnection 
Delaware Public Service Commission 
Filed Rates 
Price to Compare

Load Profiles

Delaware Electric Cooperative has created 10 class profiles reflecting the various rates and revenue codes currently in use by the Cooperative. The profiles have been created utilizing statistical random sampling of accounts collecting hourly usage data over a period of time. Accounts with a peak demand of 300 kW or greater have interval (15 minute) data and are not part of a profile class.

Profile Class


Tariff Description


Tariff Description


Loss Factor


PRESResidential1A1, 1A2, 1B2, 1C2, 1NM0.0557
PRSEAResidential/Seasonal2N1, 2N2, 2NM, 2NM20.0557
PPHPoultry House1P1, 1P2, 1P3, 4P1, 5P10.0557
PCOMCommercial4G1, 4G2, 4G3, 4NM, 4T3, 5L1, 5L4, 5L5, 5L9,  5NM,  
PCOMLMSmall Commercial5G6, 5L6, 5L7, 5L8, 5P6, 5TU0.0557
PIRRIrrigation3G2, 3G3, 3G40.0557
PLGPWRLarge Power5L2, 5L3, 5M20.0440


6G3, 6G4, 7G6, AR1, AR2, AR3, AR4, AR5, DL0, DL2, 
DL3, DL4, FL0, GR1, GR2, LA1, LA2, LA3, LC1, LC2 
LD5, LD6, LED1, LED2, LED3, LED7, LED8, LF0, LG1, 
LG2, LH, LH1, LP0, LP2, LP3, LP4, LR1, LR2, MC5,  
MH1, MP5, MV0, MV2, MV4, MV5, MV7, RS1, RS2, 
SA1, SA2, SC1, SP1, SR1, SR2, SUR, YT0


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How Do I Become a Certified Supplier With Delaware Electric Cooperative?

  1. You must complete and execute the necessary requirements for licensing and certification by the Delaware Public Service Commission and the PJM Interconnection. You must also be EDI Certified by ESG.
  2. Upon certification by Delaware PSC and PJM, download, complete and return the following documents to to DEC: 
    Credit Application, DEC Supplier Agreement.
  3. Send the completed forms to: [email protected]
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