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Delaware Electric Cooperative’s 2023 Annual Meeting was one for the books! Over 3,000 members were in attendance, and everyone enjoyed a night of great food, live music and fun for the whole family at our community fair. Members also had their voices heard by voting in our board election and on the bylaw amendments. All four current DEC directors, Bruce Walton, Bruce Henry, William Haughey Jr. and Hunter Emory, were reelected to their positions on the board. Bylaw amendments, including the capitalization of the word “Cooperative” within the bylaws, an update to language referencing legal partnerships in the state, and grammatical changes, were all also approved by the membership. The business meeting that followed dinner included remarks from CEO Rob Book. During his presentation, Book covered a variety of topics impacting your Cooperative, such as its continued efforts to increase system reliability, storm response measures and preparations for the influx of electric vehicles and solar systems on electric infrastructure. Despite significant changes in the energy industry, the Co-op is confident in its ability to provide members with affordable, reliable and sustainable power. In 2022, DEC set another record for reliability, recording its most reliable year. Our team remains committed to developing more innovative strategies to keep your lights on. Thank you to all our members who attended this year’s meeting. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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