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Spring officially arrived more than two weeks ago, but try telling that to Mother Nature. The National Weather Service expects temperatures to fall into the mid-20s by Wednesday morning—the organization has issued a freeze warning for tonight.

With unusually cold April temperatures expected over the next 24 hours, energy use will likely soar. Delaware Electric Cooperative has issued a Beat the Peak alert from 7-9 tonight and 6-8 a.m. Wednesday, when energy use is expected to be highest.

During the alert period, you Co-op is asking members to voluntarily conserve energy.

Here’s what you can do!

-Lower your thermostat a few degrees

-Turn off any unnecessary lights

-Delay the use of major appliances like washers, dryers and dishwashers

Why do we issue the alerts? Is there not enough power? Beat the Peak has nothing to do with the Co-op not being able to meet the demand for energy. During times of peak energy use, the Cooperative pays a premium price to generate energy at plants or to purchase electricity off the open market. We ask members to conserve during these times because as energy use drops, the Co-op saves money.

Because DEC is a not-for-profit utility, those savings are passed on to members in the form of the lowest rates in the state of Delaware. Beat the Peak has saved members $20 million since it was launched in 2008.

More than 90 other utilities across the country are also using the program invented right here in Delaware. Thanks for all of your help! 

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