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One of the Co-op’s top priorities is to keep electric rates as affordable as possible, and by participating in DEC’s Beat the Peak program, you can help us continue to meet our goal. Since it began in 2008, Beat the Peak has saved members over $40 million! The way it works is simple — when the cost of producing power is high, DEC issues a peak alert to members encouraging them to conserve energy during a designated time frame. Members can conserve in multiple ways, from turning off the lights in their home, to scheduling the use of major appliances to off-peak times, to increasing your thermostat a couple of degrees. The more you can reduce your electrical load during peak times, the more you help lower the cost for the Co-op to purchase power. Members interested in participating can download DEC’s Beat the Peak app from the app store on their smart device so they never miss a peak alert again! Whether you are out on the town or spending time at home, the Beat the Peak app enables you to receive alerts the moment they are issued. Members can also check for Beat the Peak updates on our social media pages. With your help, the Co-op can continue to provide some of the lowest electric rates in the region. This summer, save electricity and save money with Beat the Peak!

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