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From the immaculate golf course to the neatly landscaped neighborhoods, it's clear that the people who make up Baywood’s horticultural team love their jobs. The proof is in the vibrant displays that punctuate the streets and paths throughout the development, located in Long Neck. Each floral display is designed to evoke a response of awe from visitors, and pride from residents.

“Our mission at Baywood is to provide a very colorful, very beautiful experience for our residents who live here full time, as well as for the patrons at the clubhouse, the wedding parties and guests who come for our wedding events, and for our golfers,” Baywood’s Landscape Supervisor Joya Parsons says. 

It is the year-long responsibility of the nine full-time and five part-time employees on staff to manage and maintain 30 acres of plant and floral area displays across the 500-acre property. Beginning in January, the team preps flowerbeds for the year ahead, with tasks ranging from pruning, mulching, planting and more, changing as needed from season to season. For Parsons, one of the most exciting aspects of the job comes in designing the displays and seeing the final product come into full bloom.

“It’s great having an idea or inspiration and being able to take that from your head to the paper. Then, you physically plant it and watch it grow, and see what comes of that," Parsons says.

Parsons says that inspiration can come from a variety of sources, such as other botanical gardens, flower competitions and designs the team discovers online. The beauty that blossoms from the team’s imagination often extends beyond the plants themselves to include the many species of pollinators that they attract. Parsons says she hopes that the people visiting Baywood’s displays enjoy them for their imagery as well as their contribution to sustaining the local environment. 

“I want them to appreciate the views and the vistas we can provide. Overall, I just want them to have a good time, and I think being in a beautiful place facilitates that.”

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