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In July, some members experienced extended outages when severe weather hit in Harrington.

This summer has proved to be a challenge for DEC crews in terms of storms, but as usual, they have risen to the occasion. When there is an outage, our lineworkers don’t stop until the lights are back on. A prime example was the storm that hit Harrington on July 12. Some members experienced extended outages due to a severe storm that produced heavy winds, which left many Co-op utility poles and neighborhood structures — such as homes and outbuildings — damaged. Crews worked through the night to restore power to members, and by morning, everyone was back on. DEC is proud of all our employees and their committed efforts to maintain the electricity DEC provides to power members’ daily lives. Though summer is coming to an end, storm season is still well underway. When severe storms arise, we encourage members to take precautions and stay safe!

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