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During the holiday season, it can be easy to get swept up in the Christmas spirit and forget that safety — even when it comes to decorating — should be everyone’s top priority. Before you begin your decorating regimen, an easy item to check off your safety list is to take a look at all cords and cables  to check for frays or breaks. If you notice any, do not use that strand, as it could pose a potential fire hazard. Speaking of fire hazards, candles — another popular holiday decoration — need to be properly used and monitored when lit. Keep the flame away from any flammable objects or other decorations, and only place them on a stable surface for display. When you leave the house or go to bed for the night, make sure all candles have been put out. Similarly, when heading out for your myriad of seasonal social gatherings, unplug all Christmas lights. We know that many of our members use live trees in their homes — if you do, ensure the tree is fresh at the time of purchase by gently bending its needles. If you notice them starting to shed, you know the tree is not fresh. Also remember to water your tree regularly once you have placed it in your home. Use these tips to keep you, your family and friends safe as you deck the halls this year!

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