Receive a $100 Billing Credit

When You Enroll in DEC’s Beat the Peak with Nest Program! We've partnered with Nest's Rush Hour Rewards Program to offer a new money-saving program to our consumers.

Members who install or who have already installed a Nest thermostat are eligible for the program. Members will agree to allow DEC to adjust their thermostats a few degrees during summer Beat the Peak alerts. We issue the alerts when the price of energy is high. By allowing your Co-op to automatically adjust your Nest thermostat a few degrees, you’ll be helping to lower the cost of power for all members.

When you sign up for the program, you’ll receive a $100 credit on your electric bill after you have purchased your Nest thermostat. Starting in 2019, Members who sign up for the program will also receive a $5 monthly billing credit from June through September.

Please Note: Homes with more than one Nest thermostat are not eligible for an additional credit. From the time of signup, it could take 14 business days for approval by DEC. Once approved, you will receive an email directly from Nest letting you know you are now enrolled in the DEC program. Your initial $100 credit could take 2-3 billing periods to be applied to your bill.

Thank you for helping your Co-op Beat the Peak with Nest!