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Beat the Peak App

Beat the Peak season has arrived for DEC members! In January, we notified members we would issue fewer Beat the Peak alerts this year, and that most would occur during the summer months — a result of changes in how DEC is billed for power. Summer has arrived and you will soon begin receiving alerts from DEC to voluntarily conserve energy during alert times.

The program helps members to save energy during times when the cost to produce and purchase power is the highest. The program has saved members more than $34 million since 2008. You can download our free Beat the Peak app to receive notices when we issue Beat the Peak alerts. Just search for Beat the Peak in the app store on your mobile device.

Your Co-op is also offering members billing credits to sign up for our Beat the Peak With Thermostats and Electric Vehicle programs. Visit to learn how to conserve and to sign up for these programs.

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