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Due to the rise in cost of natural gas, DEC's Board of Directors approved rate changes for members on Thursday, August 18.

In August, Delaware Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors approved an increase in the power cost adjustment, also known as the PCA. The PCA represents the Co-op’s cost to purchase and produce power for members. The global energy crisis, caused by inflation and the war in Europe, has led to a significant increase in the cost of natural gas used to produce most of the electricity we deliver to members. To ensure the financial stability of DEC, some of those costs are being passed on to members in the form of an increased power cost adjustment. The average member using 1,000 kWh will see their monthly bill increase by $24 after the changes take effect on September 1. We understand this is a sizable increase, and we will continue to invest in local solar energy and have delayed some capital projects in an effort to control costs. If energy costs fall, we’ll do everything we can to lower rates. The increase in member bills this fall is also less than the increases many other neighboring utilities are passing on to their consumers and DEC’s rates are still cheaper than most Delaware providers.

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