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Every day our DEC employees are focused on our members — our mission is to provide the people and places we power with the most reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity possible. Our jobs center on the idea that we can help improve the lives of the people in our service territory. Off the clock, this motivation remains the same, and extends beyond just those we serve. That is why DEC proudly sponsors 88.7 The Bridge’s annual Hands and Feet Service Day, and why DEC employees participated in the event on Saturday, October 14. Hands and Feet Day provides members of the community an opportunity to give their time in support of local community-focused organizations. Whether it’s helping to sort clothing donations, clean-up outside areas, simple landscaping or external touch-ups, there is something to match everyone’s interests and abilities. DEC’s assistant manager of engineering Paul Greenlee, who previously participated in the event and volunteered again this year, says events like Hands and Feet Day are important because of their benefit to the organizations they help. “It’s about community, and people helping people is a huge part of the fabric of society,” Greenlee says. “So having an event that’s organized and is just helping people — not in the name of anything else in particular, just helping people — is very beneficial to everybody.”

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