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At DEC, we know the future of our industry depends on our ability to recruit top talent to our ever-growing workforce, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to help develop the abundance of talent we recognize within the next generation. Through our Summer Internship Program, the Co-op offers college students, with an interest in the electric utility field, the opportunity to put their classroom knowledge to work in a real-world environment, under the guidance of DEC’s industry experts. According to human resources administrator – and Summer Internship Program coordinator – Monika Lowe, the program provides students from various areas of study the chance to broaden their professional experience.

“We offer internships in the majority of our departments, including finance and accounting, marketing, human resources, engineering, operations, IT and cybersecurity, safety and security, geographic information systems (GIS) and supply chain management.” Lowe says. “The internship gives students the opportunity to experience the industry they are interested in firsthand, as well as explore other aspects of the industry, to ensure their interests are aligning with what they are learning.”

The Summer Internship Program not only benefits the students who participate, but also aids the Co-op in potentially expanding its employee family. While placement in an internship at DEC does not guarantee a permanent position at the Co-op upon completion, the opportunity for students to return for subsequent years allows them to continue to hone their skills in the event they are offered a job at DEC – or another utility – at some point in the future.

Overall, Lowe says it is her hope that the experience at Delaware Electric gives students an in-depth look at the field they may want to work in, and helps them prepare for a career in the industry.

“I hope their biggest takeaway, after going through our internship program, is a better understanding of what working in the real world is like, and how to carry themselves professionally in the workplace,” Lowe says. “I also hope they really take the chance to learn more about what they’re studying and how it will apply in an actual on-the-job scenario.”

The Co-op looks forward to the continued success of the Summer Internship Program, as well as the positive impact it makes in the professional lives of the next generation of utility workers.

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