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DEC wishes our summer interns the best on their future endeavors as they head back to college this fall.

DEC’s summer interns have been working hard these last few months, and their efforts have certainly paid off. Through their respective work, interns Moira Tews, Noah Klaus, Weldin Dunn and Jacob Stafford have all made significant contributions to the Co-op and the work we do every day to provide power to our members. Both Moira Tews and Noah Klaus have spent their time at DEC in the IT department. Klaus worked with DEC’s internal IT support and networking teams on projects that benefited employees and members. With a focus on cybersecurity, Tews helped develop programs that ensure the safety of the Co-op’s digital presence. Member services intern Weldin Dunn aided in preparations for Delaware Living Magazine and the Delaware State Fair, as well as creating promotional materials the Co-op plans to use to broaden its connection with members. Engineering intern Jacob Stafford spent the summer analyzing meter data and its impact on transformer demand. DEC is proud of all our interns’ accomplishments and wishes them the best in all their future endeavors.

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