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While hurricane season officially began in June, the height of hurricane season is in September. With the potential for these damaging storms at its peak this month, DEC reminds members to be prepared for the worst, and to begin preparing now. To get started, make sure you and your family have an emergency plan in case your home and property are directly affected by severe weather. When discussing an emergency plan, it’s important to consider several different scenarios and how you and your family should respond to each. Be sure to cover topics such as a safe, central meeting location, what you should do if you get separated, how you plan to contact each other if you do, and more. Members should also make an emergency-preparedness kit in the event severe storms cause power outages or limit access to local grocery stores for an extended period of time. Kits should include non-perishable food, enough water for each family member for several days, extra clothes, first aid items, copies of important documents, needed medications and a flashlight. During major weather events, while our crews focus on keeping the lights on, DEC wants members to focus on staying safe!

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